Curiosity about the Positron Stream weapon

Good evening everyone! I would like to ask something, more out of curiosity. Can Positron Stream
be considered a hybrid weapon between Lightning Fryer and Plasma Rifle?
This weapon seems most of the time to be a middle ground between them, it shows similarities with
both, and the Italian version of the game even describes it as a hybrid between the two…



While many italian weapon description aren’t 100% accurate to the original version, the comparison is actually part of the english text and I wanted to preserve that in the translation.

Gameplay-wise it’s also kinda true:

Lightning: One of the worst weapons for single target, one of the best weapon for multiple targets, low overheat rate
Plasma: One of the best single target weapons, average for multiple targets, overheats very fast
Positron: Decent for single target, the best one in the game for multiple targets, average overheat rate


Very well done, the Italian translations seem much more correct than the original English ones (purely personal opinion) :smiley:

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Yup, I choose Positron as a starter and intermediate weapon.

i use plasma instead
i love its AOE

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