Credits Screen Mockup

This basically explains it all, just replace the placeholder profile pictues, names, and show the relevant links (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook). The screen is scrollable with the mouse wheel (so you can see more contributers down there). People with most contributions should be on top. The rest of the development Team or third party associations/services go between developer and contributors.


No, just no.
Credits should be short and attractive (not only boring text, but maybe cutscenes or art).

Things I don’t find great about this idea:
-links. While I don’t mind having InterAction links in credits I think nobody else should have them in here. Also you would need mouse or touchscreen to click on them. What if someone uses gamepad?
-profile pictures. Same as above. Only companies involved in development should have their LOGO in there. Notice “Logo” not profile picture.
-big text. Text is too big. Let’s take a look at CI5 - here text is little too small. Something between would be great.

Things I like:
-Scrollable credits. Now this is idea which I remember sending to InterAction since Chicken Invaders credits are really long and no one has time for watching just plain text scrolling really slowly.

Things I would add:
-three columns of text. You see Chicken Invaders credits are long so we can speed it up a little by showing credits in 3 columns (or more).

Examples of good credits in games: Psychonauts(simple good credits, scrollable with extra art and music), Undertale(every backer is there and the credits are interactive, extra scenes), Rogue Legacy (animated return to home through all the levels), Anno 1602 (animated credits from menu with clever way of displaying names ), The End Is Nigh (all encountered enemies)
In movies: Captain America Winter soldier (wonderfully animated credits featuring all characters with only 3 colours and extra scene after credits), Deadpool 2 (also featuring all characters and extra scenes) and many other movies.


I agree that the text is too big, but I think having hyperlinks to the contributors’ social media would be a nice thing to have. Besides, making it work with controllers shouldn’t be all that difficult.

I just find it important that the credits are not a white wall of text scrolling for 10 minutes, where names completely get hidden by the amount you have to look at.

I find it weird that CIU does not have credits. Every other game since 2002 had them in some form, including beta versions.

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Yeah. I loved to show my name there my friends. But I had to wait long and couldn’t skip it. Now I wouldn’t do that - I kind of calmed down and try to follow up gamedev which was always my dream.

I think that interactive creadits with unique cutscenes would be too complex.

What you could do is that all our characters (spaceships with our colors and names below) are flying around the screen or something like that. And then we all arrange on the screen maybe?

I think it ſhould juſt be a ſcrollable liſt (with an autoſcroll function) with the ſtarwars-ſtyle writing from previöus epiſodes and the profile picture beſide each name. Clicking on the profile picture ſhould bring up a box of information on the perſon. This info ſhould be editable by the perſon, and unfilled bits of information ſhould ſimply not appear inſtead of ſhowing blank ſpaces.

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I think that you should scroll like you want.

Well yeah, I meant that the autoſcroll ſhould diſengage when you ſtart ſcrolling manuälly.