Creating collections and store skins and hardpoints

First I wanted to add a little suggestion for creating a skin collection, but while writing, I had so many changes and additions sprouted in my head that I decided to make it a general topic.
I will divide this idea into 2 additions:

  1. Create collections for spaceships and hardpoints.
    Idea would be that in the option to modify and change the color of the spaceships there would be a button to save them, so that e.g. when someone changes a spaceship for the better, you don’t have to create them or rearrange them again.

And here I could end up, but I have 1 more idea, although I heard there would be something like trading or selling or something in the game, but decided to share it here (though I think it won’t pass, but it doesn’t hurt to try)

  1. Skins Shop.
    I see this option only when the game would grow by several hundred thousand players and besides, creativity and its unique style would not dominate then, because everyone would already have a selected skin at their fingertips. It would be up to the player if he would like to publish a spaceship skin.
    But what would all this be for? Let me explain.

If you want to publish a skin, you create a save of the entire spaceship along with hardpoints.

Layout of the spacecraft records would be similar to saving your inventory for a mission

In “profile” option you will find an icon with the shop.

Shop elements:
-On the right is your current inventory with hardpoints not connected.
-On the left, all the spaceships that have been added by players. You can sort them by:


  • last added
  • most popular

Space ships:

  • separate ships
  • all

-There are 2 prices under the ship: with colors of spaceship and hardpoints.
(although I think you can only put one button to buy everything)
-Above the prices, there is a note on what items can be found in the spaceship.
-There is a search engine above the store.
-If you have a spaceship you want and you can’t afford it or you just like it, you may like it (you won’t find this option in the photo because I forgot to add it :confused: )

If a player buys a spaceship skin from you, you’ll get an email who bought it from you and get a pair of keys in return (but less than 10 to avoid farming).

If you buy a skin of your choice, you can install it in the spaceship modification option.

I don’t know what to really make of this idea, so I’d better leave it to you.

Which idea do you like?
  • Saving skins and hardpoints
  • Skins shop
  • ALL
  • I haven’t opinion (none of the above)

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This game is turning into Fortnite.

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Oh no D:

Mention me a moment where a guy smashed his setups because he died in CIU.

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did I have deja vu or this is almost same as Minecraft skin collector???

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