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Hello Guys. You know We are all thinking about making DLC ​​content for Chicken Invaders Universe. In my opinion, in order for this content to be fun for all gamers, all the games of the previous part should be rebuilt, of course, except for the first and second parts. We can extract DLC contents like this:

As you can see in the second picture, this is a design in the menu of the Story section. For example, if a gamer chooses the third part, the gamer must choose in which mode to start his stage, Chicken Invasion or Boss Rush. In the Chicken Invasion section, of course, for episodes 3, 4, and 5, it is better to restore the original cutscenes and bring them to a new form.
For example: Original Cutsence From Revenge of the Yolk

images (16)

And combine it with the cutscene of the Universe model.


And in the Boss Rush section, there is no need for a cutscene and it is just an overview of the Bosses of this episode.
Let me tell you about the difficulty level selection section, if we go back to the original versions, when we choose the rookie level for example, the difficulty level percentage will decrease; So it is better to add this section.
About episode 1 and 2, I have to say that it is not necessary to add a cutscene. Just recreate the steps that were in those versions. Like what was done on the occasion of the 102nd birthday of this franchise, all the stages of the first part were done without the need to add a cutscene.

images (17)

To say that this section is better if it is only available on Android OS, I disagree. Why is this not possible for the computer?! You can also do this for the computer.
I hope you like my idea. If you have an opinion about my idea, you can comment. We are glad that our idea is useful for you. I’m Matin Nazeri Miandoab and thank you for considering the idea.


This was suggested to death. Maybe less than multiplayer and planetary missions, but it’s a common suggestion.
Heck, I even made a summary and collected all arguments for it:
Chicken Invaders Universe episodes DLCs framework

While I can agree with CI1 due to few reasons (it already kind of exists in CIU and also it got a remakster(idk how to exactly classify it) not so long ago, ekhe, because somebody’s scared of open-source). Why exclude CI2? It could also be a worthy expansion DLC and it would be certainly fun to play CI2 on new engine.

Um hen solo to chicken invaders universe?
The spaceship update

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Copyright claim.

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dude . I gave this idea

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