Crash stuff rework

Before you ask about base crash damege in spacecraft
here it is
scout damege is 4000
bomber damege is 9000
Muller damege is 5000
i have a idea for crash stuff

rarity will now affect the crash damage
Uncommon X1.5
Rare X2
Legendary X2.5

and for mass condensers
add AOE
take AOE like plasma but 50%
here how it affect:
1 Mass = 1/3
2 Mass = 2/3
3 Mass = max

and for Poultry Payback
X2 damege

anyway if you think is too OP or something is wrong then reply it

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In the store, rare items have lower weight. So that’d just be a bit… weird. I mean, heavier objects will hit harder not the other way around. Besides, the smaller hitbox is good as it is.


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