Crash shield | New booster idea

I tought about how useless is crash dmg while doing unpreparedness (who does that ?)
I also tought that a booster is needed to make the booster feature be useful for smth so i thought about a crash shield.

(i changed some things)

Item name: Crash Shield
Item cost: ~850
Item type: booster (same as overdrive)
Effect: After each wave, give 1 charge to the shield. Also after a +20 killing spree it gives a charge.
When hitting an enemy with spacecraft (NOT projectile), deal crashdmg * number of charges
If you die all charges are lost (projectile hit)
Item tier requirement: +40

Indirect change: “That item that deals more crash dmg” now acts as second life item

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  • Meh
  • Bad idea | i would’ve done it differently
  • Very bad | I don’t like it at all

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Mass condenser was nerfed and kicked out of space races precisely because crashing into stuff to kill is broken and just stupid. Let’s not introduce another item that will have the same issue, please.


To nerf it, simply add a spaceship stun if dmg is not enough to kill target, also the indirect change is just a nerf on itself. Remember we are still in early access so things may be unbalanced. it can be changed/nerfed if it doesn’t fit, and there is no penalty.

But we’ve seen this happen before in space races for mass condensers. I’ve been there before, it was dumb and made you rely on rng to get all your fp back upon crashing and yet you had no choice if you wanted to compete. Technically true for anniversary if you go for best time as well, but it gives no rewards. This would solve key grinding(sort of), I’ll give you that, but it doesn’t solve races.
Also I just realized that first charge would deal no extra damage because the multiplier is x1…noticed that as I was writing. Not that it changes my view. Either way I simply think this is a flawed concept.
PS. As I was reading this, I only now noticed you said this would be a booster, which is just why???

Multiple uses, boosts crash damage
we need more booster variety
and the post is also supposed to make crash dmg useful for unpreparadness.

whats more useful:
1-bosses dying faster (Crash shield)
2-normal waves completed faster (overdrive)

you can crash with no life lost

also i noticed smth. i’m editing some changes (small)-

Okay, I didn’t realize it doesn’t actually kill you when you crash(well provided the crash damage actually kills the target and doesn’t end up doing too little damage…).
Also I should have said this right away, but issue is that I don’t see this being useful anywhere. It’s either going to be abusable in space races or just useless everywhere.

+Big damage
+saves you from assassins
-hard to accumulate
-projectiles are immune

Usefulness is limited, but exist
x1.5 attack speed or big burst dmg acumulated from anterior waves
it is good in non boss rush missions

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i’d still rather use overdrive, but eh

at least it’s an option

One thing i noticed is that ppl go and vote meh just bc they don’t care. even number options for polls is superior

I do care, but I don’t think the game really needs it

Why, i think any new booster would be ok. But I don’t know why boosters should not be added.

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