Craft movement speed/sensitivity

apparently I have experienced more sensitivity and speed of my aircraft moving left to right on suns as compared to other planets my craft covers more distance when pressing any arrow key from keyboard (plz note im a keyboard user) My craft covers more distance wheb i press any arrow key for 1 sec on sun as compared to other normal planets

That’s probably because of the new precision movement feature or because the options got changed


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listen I just double checked there is something wrong with the sensitivity on suns and the movement speed is different on a sun and it’s a different on a planet I don’t think that fits the definition of the word precision :thinking: try it yourself you will feel the difference in movement speed

Only thing I can think of is: were you flying a mission with massive environment and the other was normal?

the map size is same

this is a sun mission see map size is same

and this is normal planet mission

Shouldn’t it be slower on suns, since it’s a “massive” environment


some missions don’t have a massive environment

only missions at Suns&Wormholes have.

You said that mission was at a sun, so there was massive environment effect which slows down your ship, that’s why.

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Massive planets™

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