Coward Chicken {Boss}

Here I come for you coward chicken (Boss).

This Chicken move like chickens in "Show’em who’s boss: wave
and when you hit it it shootsimage instead of egg .
This image will go to the player when the chicken shoots it .

and when you destroy it . it will shoots many of image .

This boss appear from 10% difficulty to 60% difficulty.
I suggested this boss to complements coward chicken bread .

What is your opinion ?
  • I want to see it in the game .
  • No that’s terrible .
  • Good but still need other additions .

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If you want new additions say what are additions do you want ,or No .

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Already suggested here


Wow. Simply fascinating



I don’t care

This needs alot of improvements and attack formations. specially that it looks similar to “It’s party time boss”.