Country leaderboard!

I’ve seen country leaderboards on Chicken Invaders 4 and 5, and i thought, how cool would it be to have the same thing, in Chicken Invaders Universe! So a leaderboard for countries, and a leaderboard of players from each country! It could be a menu where you select which country’s leaderboard you want to see, and a list of top players from that country would appear! If you have any suggestions or things to add, reply to this topic!


cool but countries does not exist in ciu yet


I think Continental leaderboards would make more sense. I don’t want to see leaderboards containing only one to five names because not many players are from that country.

But maybe countries with a larger player base like Vietnam (seriously, out of total curiosity, why is this franchise so popular there in particular?) should get a dedicated board.


the franchise’s popularity started all the way back from the days of CI2, there weren’t many games back then, and chicken invaders is a simple, easy to understand game that almost anyone can play
now with the introduction of CIU, the community just kept growing even faster because of its unique sandbox playstyle, some youtubers are also starting to play CIU, too, introducing it to even more people

I want the country leaderboards just to prove my friends that I’m not the only italian that plays this game


Well i know that there are a lot of italians playing this game

Judging from the episodes, the country leaderboards are problematic and very easily skewable. They don’t offer that much useful insight – not to mention that I don’t actually collect country data for CIU.


the funniest thing is that theyre all pirates

ia himself does not know the anwser

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