“That’s right boys, we’re straight up attacking their food supply, straight for the corn and pop all of the kernels. Just make sure don’t get yourself into an angry pumpkin scarecrow guy or two brats with their big ass noise cannons.”


Cornfield or Henpire’s farm or Clucky’s Maze is a special appears only in Terran planets (make sense?)

There are 2 waves:

  • Popcorn!: that wave 18 in CI5, with some twists. There will be up to 4 variants (4 side). The amount of coms and corn phases depends on difficulty.

    • Phases can get from 3 to 4 phases
    • corn can appear from 3 - 5 (1st phase), 4 - 7 (2nd phase), 5 - 9 (3rd phase), 6 - 10 (4th phase).
  • Amazing Maze: Just like that one wave but also depends on difficulty. Corn health is more tanky as the difficulty high and shit.

Cornfield has up to 16 waves and the last wave is either Special Forces or his brother-in-law, Cluckys Maze’n

Meet Cluckys Maze’n, Mili’s brother-in-law. He guards the Henpire’s food supply. He protect his farm very good and also rap good. He appears in Cornfield missions because he lives here but sometimes, his brother guard it instead.


Corn in the hole!: Cluckys throw 3 corns at you, they ricochet and float around and explode after 5 seconds.

Corn surrounding: Cluckys surround you with 6 corns at slow speed but accelerate after some time, make you have to get out of that circle.

Corny trap - taking turns: Corns appear from the bottom and top, each one in both sides move to you and out of screen, 2 move per turn.

Corny trap - all at once: Same as above but all corns charge at you all at once.


Cluckys get transparent when reach 50% health, this indicates he’s enraged means all attack gets slightly faster.

His loot is standard boss chicken drop with some popcorn.


The key base multiplier is 40.0%


  1. Popcorn worth 2 food units

  2. Cluckys attacks can be destroyed

  3. Cluckys was based on Zardy in Zardy’s Maze

  4. Idk

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