Corn shotgun useless?

in the v50 this happen : Corn Shotgun: Popcorn projectile now deals 300 damage (was 400). Overheat time is 8s (lv.0) ~ 4s (lv.10). Firing rate is 0.650s (lv. 0) ~ 0.250s (lv.10). :thinking: :thinking:
but with this basically the cornshot gun became just like the original version useless in my opinion!!!..why I should use a weapon who doesn’t give any advantage…
so I suggest the first version before the v50 …that was good :slight_smile:… the present one is not so good!!..and yes without reciving a medal :grinning:


In my opinion i like it’s state on this version, it’s less OP and makes sense, and i like getting a medal with it, i don’t want it being very OP.

How about you poll it then, gabytzu?

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Let me poll it.

  • Return it to the state before v50. I don’t like it’s state now.
  • Keep it as it is right now, i like it.

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Im the only corn user here so my opinion is useless anyway, but i’ll be thankful if iA undo the change.

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To be fair: It’s a weapon that never overheats, so you can fire infinitely. However, a fire rate boost would be very much appreciated. Making it overheat faster in compensation would be acceptable too.

A slow weapon + bullets with a completely random spread = a “shoot and hope they hit something” that doesn’t do a very good job of clean sweeping.

Can we increase Corn’s maximum fire rate to 4.8/s? But have it overheat in 8 seconds.


but you can still shoot if overheated

yes, just that it shoots popcorn

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