Corn Shotgun Re-rework (ver 2.0)

As for now, every weapon has been reworked, their current state aren’t final, so they’re subject to change. Today I want to talk about Corn Shotgun.

As you can see, Corn Shotgun has 2 variables for dps progression — number of bullets and firing rate. Even though on paper, its dps progression seems smooth progressing, in practice it IS NOT.

It starts with only 3 bullets and ridiculously long (compared to other weapons) firing interval, which is 0.650s. At maximum power, it has 10 bullets and firing interval of 0.250s.

You can try it yourself and feel the massive difference between low and higher firepower, not only in sense of damage progression, but also its reliability and effectiveness. You will miss a lot of targets at lower firepower.

My hypothesis is this kind of progression is flawed. Because of long firing interval, low number of bullets and RNG involved that makes it less effective at lower firepower.

In order to fix this, I propose:

  • Change all number of bullets to constant value (9)
  • Change all firing interval to constant value (0.330s)
  • Now progressing with projectile damage increase

With this change, it will have same performance at all level, in sense of area coverage and firing rate. What only changing is its damage, it should follow current dps progression *see note. Thus we will get these numbers for damage per kernel:

Formula: Current dps / 9 rounded up
257 — 342 — 390 — 488 — 567 — 681 — 813 — 949 — 1179 — 1347 — 1778 — 2223

For popcorn damage just reduce it by 40%

Formula: kernel damage –40% rounded up
155 — 206 — 234 — 293 — 341 — 409 — 489 — 570 — 708 — 809 — 1067 — 1334

I chose 0.330s for firing interval from its at level 8 and 9. It’s not that slow, but also not that fast. This is a shotgun, not a machine gun.

Let’s move to the next issue, IT NEVER OVERHEATS. First, this is not how I expected since I was who suggested popcorn mechanic. Overheat had become the iconic mechanic in Chicken Invaders since CI3. It limits your damage output, and it also makes you not mindlessly hold the fire button forever. Heat management becomes the skill required for this game, but since this mechanic introduced, if you don’t like to overheat, just use Corn Shotgun. I think this should not exist.

Also, when you touch the border between kernel mode and popcorn mode, you will get a sudden 40% damage drop. This is such a huge trade-off, and I think this could be better than as it is right now.

For this issue, here’s my rework:

  • Change all time to overheat to constant value (5s)
  • Every 10% of heat generated, 1 kernel is replaced by popcorn

If this change applied, Corn shotgun will be able to overheat again. It also won’t get a sudden 40% damage reduction when popcorn appears, instead it will smoothly drop by popping corn one by one per 10% heat.

In theory, you can get total of 16 shots before overheating by non stop shooting.

Here’s damage until overheat:
29868 — 39728 — 45240 — 56622 — 65828 — 79024 — 94322 — 110126 — 136806 — 156308 — 206262 — 257882

It’s a bit higher than Ion Blaster, but considering RNG of firing and slower firing rate, I don’t think it’s overpowered.


  • Number of bullet : 9
  • Firing interval : 0.330s
  • Time to overheat : 5s
  • Now can overheat
  • Damage progression by bullet’s damage
  • Per 10% heat, 1 kernel turn to popcorn

Note: I mistook the part “It should follow current dps” since I also changed the firing interval. The new maximum dps would be nearly triple of current dps. But I guess it’s not a problem, considering it has fast overheat time, RNG, and the fact it’s a shotgun.

However, each shot will do MASSIVE DAMAGE.

Here’s the dps chart.

No matter the degree of user unfriendliness, no weapon should be able to output 30k base DPS, let alone 60k. Corn Shotgun was already overpowered back when it had 25k.

Regarding the progression itself.

So it basically suffers from the same issue as other weapons with slow fire rates and low projectile counts on low power, except it’s also further amplified by its RNG spread.
In which case, I’d say that’s okay. It gets a decent RoF boost on :zap:2 and compensates by having over 2k DPS. So it’s at least a good option against bosses.
Also bear in mind that we have overdrive, which would be of great help in this scenario were it enabled by default.
Hell, I even increased the :zap:0 firing period in my rework from 0,650 to 0,690 to keep it around the 2k DPS mark. And believe me, I tested it. Yeah, it’s a bit unwieldy, but overdrive and/or popcorn helps a lot.

Numerous sources (not gonna list them, but pretty much all the top results on Google give these values) cite the AA-12 as having a cyclic rate of 300 rounds per minute (5 shots / second).
The Pancor Jackhammer is cited as having a cyclic rate of 240 rounds per minute (4 shots / second).

I think this kind of mechanic would work. It might even work better than the current version (though I’d give it at least 7s of overheat time). It surely would mean that we could give the weapon overdrive in its current unlimited form (though that doesn’t change the fact that overdrive should be limited in the first place).

But the progression itself I do disagree with. I think we have to take into account that this kind of progression would simply look boring (basically as boring as Absolver’s). At least right now we have some visual changes as the weapon gets powered up (more fire rate or more projectiles).

So I’d say that we should consider messing around with the popcorn mechanic, but we should leave the general progression without drastic changes (just standard firing interval and projectile damage tweaks).


You have good points. 60k dps is ridiculous, will decrease it and exchange it for extra time before overheat.

It’s very far below RoF average of other weapons, and one thing I take into account that fast moving enemies exist. With current design, it will still suffer at lower level. Other weapons that also tweak RoF are relatively fast firing, so they won’t feel huge difference in effectiveness and reliability. It’s suck to have feeling “I could have shot that…” That’s why I chose 0.330s. It’s a bit faster than current Neutron Gun. If I use AA12’s 5 shot/s then it would be even faster than Ion Blaster! Which is in game already feels like a machine gun. I’m leaning towards traditional shotgun with slower rpm, and one of my objective is to not make this weapon a mindless spammer, but a tactical one.

Shotgun’s 00 buckshot pellet is around 8 to 18. I chose 9 as it would divide heat bar to 10 segments, easier to calculate and it provides great area coverage even with RNG.

Will think better way to implement this. But I won’t change RoF and number of bullets.

So I’ve made some change, mainly to bring down enormous DPS to more reasonable value.


  • Kernel’s damage is multiple of 80, except max power.
  • Popcorn’s damage is 70% of kernel’s instead of 60%.
  • Time to overheat increased to 7s from 5s. You will get 22 shots nonstop before overheating
  • Anything else stays the same.

Here’s the full data, please take a look.

Damage per volley is high since it’s a shotgun. DPS is still pretty high, but remember, it would be mostly wasted since it has huge damage per bullet, mostly overkill enemies.

Fun fact: corn shotgun would be the opposite of boron railgun.
sad fact: I can’t test it since override won’t allow to rearrange number of bullets.

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