Corn Shotgun needs reconstruction!

When the Heat Meter reaches halfway, the Corn Shotgun shoots a baked popcorn.

But when the Heat Meter is at its maximum, Corn Shotgun shoots burnt popcorn, like this:


Some visual effects? well that would be nice, but will there be any damage effects? like increased damage or decreased damage?


Popcorn will be able to crumble. The damage can be slightly increased.


That was different than what i had in mind, but still looks reasonable though. Edit: actually nevermind, there were some good points made below and i’ve changed my mind otherwise.

The damage can be increased because when it is maximum it is very hot.

Not exactly.

So you mean its damage behaviour is like boron?

It wouldn’t make sense to increase damage again after it has been decreased. I think it’s good enough as it is.


Very good idea as always!


It makes sense, because at first it shoots grains that are heavier than baked popcorn, and at the end it shoots burnt popcorn, which is very hot.

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I’m saying this from a gameplay perspective


Everyone would be using Popcorn Shotgun at full overheat everytime if the damage was increased when it’s overheated, which makes it unbalanced.


About your idea how about when around half of over heat it will deals 1,5× damage from its original and keep the completely over heat damage same? (0,5×)

I mean it make sense for burn popcorn to deal more damage but it bullet are very weak and there are some metal chicken.

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And I saying this from the perspective of reality.

Not quite, just look at the logic of baking popcorn

It doesn’t have to be realistic though.

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let’s not argue, maybe let @InterAction_studios comment on this matter.


The “logic” is irrelevant here. If this were to be added, Corn’s damage would have to be nerfed to the ground, at which point nobody in their right mind would ever use it (infinite overheat or not).

It’s already hard enough to balance out in its current state. Don’t overcomplicate matters.


I agree that it required some reconstruction, but it is not a complication.

Applying realism to an alien chicken shooting game makes for quite an ironic suggestion.

And I understand where you are coming from about the popcorn thing, but from a gameplay perspective it’s simply bad game design. Why should the Corn Shotgun even have the previous phases if they are weaker. One would simply use it on overheat all the time.

This is a great visual suggestion, but not a great gameplay suggestion.


after all, the IA added shooting popcorn after overheating and it is already realistic, my idea is trying to do it even better (shooting popcorn burnt) by the way it would be even better balanced than before. (In terms of appearance and damage, shotguns must be strong).

Shotgun is strong only at close range in reality.

If it’s a suggestion that change a game mechanic, it should consider how it would be. Such complicated mechanic may not be the best solution.