Cop spaceship and Bounty hunting for keys

Remember that Cop space ship from CI 2(not many people will remember that)
I suggest they will be at a random star systems and offer you keys for completing a certain quest just like “bounty hunting”

And I got that weird idea that one of their missions will be to catch an escaping chicken.

the chicken will be wearing a white clothes with black stripes (it’ll be the boss of the mission

ofc) will appear and will be wondering in the same star system if you accept the mission… I’ll be happy to get more details about this idea if you accept it

Should IA add the space cop?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Natural

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new way to grind keys, daily quests would be a great choice


We need more people to react if we want this to be true

IA said some time ago that the space police is on the idea list, so they will probably be added in the future, just not soon.


This sounds actually cool

Sounds like an interesting idea. Perhaps there could be other chickens (the size of normal chickens) that are black and white, and you have to kill them as fast as possible. These chickens would spawn in regular waves and bonus points and (possibly) keys are rewarded for the faster they’re killed.


Not bad for old memory

About where to find the space police…they will be like shady dealers… wondering in a random star systems

I find it ironic that where to find a space police craft is by a shady dealer. Also the spacecraft has not yet been implemented yet

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