I just recommended my friend to play this and he’s hoping to play with me but you guys haven’t build one or work one yet.
so my point is that you should add Co-op mode, here’s my Idea
+add a friend list
+only 2 players can play a same mission together
+if your friend is online you can join him on the same server (meaning he will appear in the galaxy)
+you can trade Extra Life, Coolant, Missile, Land mines, or anything that isn’t always on (like once you used it its gone) to your friend

also i want to ask, can you save your data into servers?
like share save data to a different computer?


The server can’t save your data now. You may backup your data.
Your data is on C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU

That will already make. Squadrons IIRC

Not actualy. Squadrons are something like clans: competition between group of people for highest score. Friend list already planned and lot of people asked IA to add co-op modes and create new. Right now they are working at bugfixes and adding important things.


This reminds me when IA said that they were hoping for the official release of the game in december. Well, sadly there where problems that change the things into early access in december.

So does that means game will be like flash ganes?

Probably no. If they will not add co-op mode, fans and other people literaly will try to annoy them to add one. They will try to add it after release if it will be possible.

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is it possible to use it currently?

As you can see — no

EDIT: As you can see — yes

  • Added Contacts (friend list).
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i see, well i hope they’re working on it

you will have to pay 5 bucks for that feature boi

There should be some pointer that will show where your ship is(like star icon in Patapon 3) because in-house multiplayer in CI5 is pain — your ship is similar to second player’s one.

Given the cuſtomiſation options, I don’t think this’ll be a problem.

What about those “uniques” who use standart paintjob together? Or similar one. It could be option in settings.

If they do it intentionally, then they have little grounds to complain.

As IA says internet mp can exist in future neither splitscreen. They say splitscreen in CIU would be weird, I gave them an idea how splitscreen can work. Waiting for their answer

I think multiplayer without ability to play same wave with friends is not multiplayer :slight_smile:



Read first “plan update”.

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