Controller problems on Android [Android TV !]

(Edit: it’s how it will show on your TV apps menu :melting_face: can’t wait for it)

Hey everyone.
I recently bought a new Android TV (newly known as Google TV) and suddenly something came to my mind; that if CIU has an Android version, is it applicable on Android TV too?
So I tried and boom. Let’s check it out:

Firstly, most android TV’s have 32 bit operating system so i downloaded 32 bit apk from forum link.

Secondly, it was perfectly running on TV! That i didn’t expect it to not crash/error in first run… Everything was running like PC version :slight_smile:
BUT As you guess, there was some problems:

1- game was laggy in explosions and universe zoom in/outs… first one fixed by reducing graphics to low and enabling pro mode. But secound one still exists and i think it’s not that important… Anyway you can see FPS is near 20 in picture below:

2- The most important problem: game supports gamepads Partially!! I used to play with my Xbox one gamepad in my PC and it was working like a charm but sadly it seems that android version is not fully supporting controllers, just movements are working and click/fire/bomb/etc not working at all.

The amazing thing is that TV remote is works too just in movements that I wasn’t expecting that at all! But only movements and back button works and Click/fire is not working.(not important cause everyone uses controllers anyway)

So i used my mouse to go inside game and try few things… Movements are working good, online multiplayer works good too. Low graphics is lag-free and game screen has no problems (picture below)

Only needs some improvement in controller support and bang! Your game is now available for TVs too.

Hope you consider this, my TV is Xiaomi Q2 with similar specifications with other Android TVs like Sony, etc. this market is expanding and available games in store are few, so while your game is already compatible, just fix controll support and everything is ready👍🏻.


What is the resolution of your TV (or rather, what resolution the game tries to use)? Generally Android TV devices are not suited for high performance as their main purpose is movies and stuff.

It’s a dumb question but have you tried re-assigning controls?

TV is 4K itself, but UI and apps are running at 1080P, same with CIU.
Performance just drops in high quality mode. In low quality everything is great and lag is gone, just a little lower quality, but it’s not noticable when you have standard distance of TV and game was very pleasant in a 65" screen.

No need, i think it’s known that android version is not fully compatible with controllers, just try your Xbox controllers and see that only movements working… but anyway I paired controller again with same results…

I mean, re-assigning the buttons in the game’s player controls settings.

There isn’t such option. You can only switch between touchscreen controls.


Your game resolution is high. high resolution needs better GPU . Try lowering resolution from graphics settings.

But it’s the Android version, the best he can do is to reduce the safezone (“Window size”) in the Advanced Graphics settings.


We can’t change resolution in android settings…

Exactly. And changing it causes screen size shrinking, everything gets smaller and game becomes unplayable…

BUT This is not the problem at all. As I said earlier, lag problem got fixed by lowering graphics. The ONLY Problem now is the controller support.
This little thing gets fixed and game is ready for TVs… that’s it.

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Well, consider yourself lucky that you can play the game on that thing at least. The only thing I could do is to navigate around the main menu, and no more. I have a DualSense controller, in case that helps with figuring out my issue.


Yeah my issue is same… As i said only movements work and I can’t click on anything - so i stuck on menu buttons and no more. Just asked @InterAction_studios to fix this, there’s no difference in our problem with xbox/dual shock controllers.

(My picture of gameplay is made possible with connecting a mouse)

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I don’t know if most, but it’s sad that any new android devices at all still come with 32-bit.

I mean, that’s Chicken Invaders game. This game’s engine would be considered to work on a toaster.
Still, there are some limits (and built-in smart tv is exactly what I would call a limit)

Yeah, let me relegate you to my old topic with kind of similar issue
Mobile version and mouse support
And let me tell you. I thought mobile version supported controllers normally. It would be good to revisit the above topic with IA since 4 years passed and we’re way past the Apple transition to ARM architecture (and Raspberry Pi released a new device and became a villain)

Fun fact, comparison of your TV and Raspberry Pi 4B GPU:

ARM Mali-G52 MC1 vs Broadcom VideoCore VI

So yeah, I’d say it is expanding. Still work to do, but getting more powerful.


Most things in this game has to be controlled by Touch method, and that’s what the mouse doing instead. But anyway, does the series (not mentioning CIU) actually support it even there’s options for it? We should already saw that there were some different methods beside touchscreen.

Same, and I wonder if iA removed this on UVE11 because of errors, or because not many players will play the game with those control methods?


Can’t wait someone play CIU on smartwatch/Smart fridge/toaster/etc :fire: :fire:

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This was good reason for past CI versions, but now many new Android devices are coming to market, and among them, TVs have great potential for entertainment and I think NOW It’s the time for controller support implement.
Not that hard👌🏻 all depends to @InterAction_studios but i can’t wait to play it on a large TV screen :)‌

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This is👌🏻 Of course, keep in mind that my TV has medium range price and it’s not as powerful as new Sony/Xiaomi/etc high-end TVs…
But still it plays most games in Play store without much lag and problem… As i see all of available games for Android TV and Google TV(mine) are minimal and require low hardware specs. It’s nice that CIU plays this fluent for me and it means that game will be playable on most recent TV’s.
(And to mention, Play store for TV has poor game variety, leading by BombSquad. Good opportunity for CIU to show off :wink: )

Yeah… I’m afraid it still will be a better idea to just buy a device to plug it into the TV. Less restrictions, more performance, can be upgraded and it’s cheaper. Still, TVs having built-in nearly power of RPi4 is good.

CI games are extremely optimized. They run like a butter.

The time for it was much much earlier, but I was unaware of that since I didn’t use BT controller on my phone. But now I’m waiting for IA response to see in which direction to make a follow up to my topic that I posted earlier.


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