Contacts limit bug

In an older version (version 22), my little brother (callsign: sky captian) messed up the system by spamming (keep adding) contacts until it’s full. He said that he had added about 100 users. However, he hasn’t played the game since that point until now (v.24).

When my brother finally comes back to the game in version 24, he asked to add me in contacts, but he has reached the maximum amount of contacts so I asked him to delete some and then type my name again.

As a result, he deleted some of the contacts but it still says “maximum number of contacts”, I asked him to delete some more… it went on the loop until one point, he had to delete every single one of the 100 users he’s added, but it still says “You have reached the maximum amount of contacts”.

(Image proof: the left side is completely empty but it still shows like that)

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Fixed in v.25 :medal_sports: Bug

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