Contacts last time online

I think it would be a minor but useful idea.
For example : If you are the leader of a squadron and you are trying to check the activity of a certain member, you cannot know his period of inactivity.

Example : Last seen : April 22, 2020

Sorry for my bad english.


It’s a nice quality-of-life addition, but I don’t know if the game tracks (or if it’s able to track) each user’s system time. The way “Most Active Recruit” currently works for example is it adds all the time you’ve spent on each mission and the waves you’ve passed, but it doesn’t keep track of how long you’ve had the game open, at least I believe that’s the case.

It must be possible, though. Adding this feature should be a matter of adding a line of code to get your system time at quitting. But I’m not IA so I don’t know.

Your English is stellar compared to the things I’ve seen on this forum before. Don’t be self-conscious about it. Besides, find comfort in the fact you took the time to learn a second language, so if anyone ever tells you that your English is trash, usually natives, ask them if they have ever made an effort to learn 2 words in a different language.

Natives have it easy because the main language of the Internet happens to be English, but the majority of them remain monolinguals. Those who are bilingual (or just have common sense) won’t tell you anything, really.


I remember contacts have this. It shows your contact(s) what are they doing last time they were online.

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I think OP meant something like: “Last seen: April 22, 2020”




I like the idea. Will be way easy for leaders to Remove inactive players and replace them with active once.

IA can add % behind Squadron player name. So the leader can see how many % of the assigned missions this player have finished.


Player1 5%
Player2 90%
Player3 30%
etc etc etc.


Anyone else to express their opinion on this suggestion ?

Another opinion ?

Sounds good

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Actually I like this idea, because I wanna know who’s inactive in my squadron and without this idea i can’t actually know lol. So yeah, Good idea. I wish to see it implemented in the near future.


The idea of last time online sounds good. hope it gets accepted in the future.

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How is making you able to see when the contacts were last online, making it “Steam”? Steam is digital shop and their friends chat wasn’t the first to have this feature.


Even forum has it

actually what @kokokokos said. i agree with qbus because it doesn’t make it steam.

Perhaps HaiAn meant he didn’t want IA to release the game on steam…? I don’t know, just an assumption. Why don’t we let him clarify? @anon48763505

I’m saying this because earlier in this topic he supported the idea.

Added to v.42
:medal_sports: Idea


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