"confirm weapon pickup" button

when you pick up a different weapon, you have 3 seconds to confirm if you want to pick it up or not.

Just died in a 120th annivesary no-death challenge because of ACCIDENTLY PICKING UP THE WRONG WEAPON

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That would make it too easy :v
Besides, you know that in case you collect a wrong gift, you can just end the session and restart it with the previous weapon being still there


Oh i haven’t known that you can do it before.

it isn’t practice

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what if we could have texture pack support and change all gifts except utensil poker to eggs

i have no idea what to said

Maybe It could be a perishable if you don’t want to restart the boss and then kill it all over again?

If you in 19 :zap: then accidently pick up another weapon then have 2 firepower what would you do?

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Why would you drop down that low just by picking up another weapon? Lol, before that would happen, you should just end the session and then start the wave again.

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Well, there are a lot of possibilities, for example doing a supernova mission and while collecting coins you pick up a bad weapon for that kind of levels ( for example Positron Stream or Lightning Fryer ) just as the level ends. Since power-ups are random and you can barely hit the boss with these kind of weapons, the most wise option would be to just restart the level, thing that could be changed with a perishable that changes the weapons into power-ups or just make it so your weapon stays constant.

A perishable that works the same as white knight from CI4 and CI5 would also be very useful.

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