Comunity suggestion: Let's let the whole comunity design a boss!

Hi everyone!
I’m Stardrone and in this topic we will (hopefully) design from scratch a boss for Chicken Invaders Universe.

The idea and goal behind this topic is to create a functional boss suggestion, with interesting mechanics, that could be implemented in the game in a future update.

We will create the boss with the help of a series of polls based on your comments.

The question of questions:
What about the idea medal? Who will get it?

The decision on how to manage idea medals was always Interaction duty so I don’t really know.
Sincerally I think this idea should be medal-less and no one (not even me) should get one.
Because a comunity-made boss that actually works and makes sense isn’t an easy task and having it in-game should be the reward of everyone’s effort.

The round system

This idea is divided into 7 rounds, each one will be explained better by a reply of this topic by me (the current one will be linked at the end of this post).
Every round will craft a little part of the future boss identity and will last 24-48 hours each.

Round 1, “Let’s start!”:

  1. “Is it a Chicken or Not?” poll

Round 2 "What is the boss about?:

  1. Theme suggestions
  2. Choosing Theme poll

Round 3 “But I can’t draw!”:

  1. Design suggestions
  2. Design poll

Round 4 “Hard or not?”:

  1. Difficulty poll
  2. “Does it have phases?” poll

Round 5 “Attacks”

  1. Attacks suggestions
    1.5) Number of attacks poll
  2. Attacks poll

Round 6 “Difficulty part 2”:

  1. How difficulty increase changes the boss?
  2. Poll about difficulty changes suggestions
    2.5) Also a Weak/Resist poll since I don’t want to make a round only for this

Round 7 “What is his/her/its/their name?”:

  1. Name suggestions
  2. Names poll


  1. Only one suggestion per post exception on round 5 when you can suggest at max 3 attacks

  2. Only one post per round

  3. If you want to make a non suggestion comment; Please, mark it as “hide details”, in order to reduce space and make life easier to me while picking up the suggestions to build the polls.

  4. There is no limit over non suggestion posts but rule 3 still apply

  5. You can like with the “heart” a post, keep in mind that the true vote is in the polls

  6. Everything is accepted (but forum rules still apply, so please be mature)

  7. Let’s jeep this as a moderately serious suggestion and not as a full joke. Yes, the boss can have silly stuff just like many bosses currently in the game.
    But please don’t make it a meme mess (memess?)

  8. Don’t be mad that your idea didn’t won a poll, that’s how democracy works

  9. Stardrone doesn’t have any veto right (I can’t reject any suggestion unless they break rule 6)

  10. Suggestions must be coherent to the previously chosen decisions

Current state of the project:



Round 1 “Let’s start!”

In this first poll we will start to craft the boss identity:
Is our boss a big chicken or not?

Boss-is-a-Chicken pros:

  • You can dress a chicken with anything and you get a boss, there is a lot of potential in this choice!
  • Thundercluck is the first item wielder in the franchise, so it opened room for a lot of previously closed rooms to step in (These are big words to say that designs can now be even crazyer than before!)

Boss-is-a-Chicken cons:

  • Due to the amount of similar bosses it may look anonymous and cause an “already seen” effect
  • The game already has a big number of oversized chickens and some players may see it as a problem

Boss-is-not-a-chicken pros:

  • It can be anything; from a robot built by chickens to an alien enslaved by chickens (do you remember that jellyfish boss in CI5?) or a… cyborg egg?
  • A lot of potentially cool ideas, even more than a big chicken can offer

Boss-is-not-a-chicken cons:

  • Harder to design? I don’t know but I point it to let you know the possible possibility
  • There is the risk we may go off topic if the boss isn’t crafted correctly

Every choice is important and this may be one of the most important ones, since we are deciding what out boss is.
The poll will last 24 hours in order to let the biggest amount of users their chance to vote.
After 24 hours it will automatically close.

I really can’t wait to see what you will vote the most

Round 1 Poll
  • Or boss is a chicken
  • Our boss is NOT a chicken

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Round 2 “What is the boss about?”

Thanks to the result of round 1 poll we now know that our boss will be a chicken

Today we will decide another very important part of our boss: it’s theme.

What will our boss be about?

Will it be a swarm of weak minibosses, a battle on a timer, or a boss exclusive to a particular mission/challenge?
Will it be a small boss or a big villan?
Is it one of the best troop in Henpire’s army or a random guy with a tin hat?

The choice is up to you!


Due to the fact that out boss is a chicken any idea related to aliens, big eggs or other similar things will be ignored.

You have 24 hours to share your theme ideas in a TEXT format.

Why we have to write and not draw our idea?

I don’t want to sound rude (it isn’t my intention, I apologize in advice if I did) but in my opinion a good idea must be convincing; If you can’t make someone like your own idea without the help of a drawing then there is something wrong.

After those 24 hours have passed there will be another poll to vote in.
In this one you will vote your favourite idea from the ones that got suggested.

The poll will last as long as the last one: 24 hours

  • Timer. Theme suggestions won’t be considered of submitted once this poll is closed

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I’ve been waiting for this, hope to see many boss designs as cool as Thundercluck’s


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