Computer and phone information

Send your Complete computer and phone information to help interaction studio.
Thank you!:grinning:
Please all friends do it.

1.How would this information alone help IA?
2.Even then, it should be sent privately or through e-mail because
3.Are you trying to extort information from the forum users?
I doubt it as you have been here a while and don’t seem malicous, and hardware specifications aren’t really a security risk lol, but like, I would wait for when IA actually asks us for performance tests and results.

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Okay, my intention was just to help.

Yeah, I understand. But just sending specs won’t help I think, they need to know how the game works on those specs too.

Thanks, but we have no need for such information at present. We’ll set up a poll (or similar) if we ever need to collect it.