Complete the project of @eggcannon

Hello! so most of us know @eggcannon
he was my old friend in CIU too!
so he made the topic of (planetary dark city)
this topic is deleted and the topic image was:

so today i will remake it
the boss:Planetary Dark City

(well it’s not bad for me)

1-laser blaster

2-ultimate beam
3-chickens attack

4-red shield

and reapet like the boss “planetary Egg City” also the size is same (zoomout) but health is more than the original

Special images:

Laser Blaster attack free to use! :

maybe it’s now better


that is wayy more better, great job!


what’s the point if it’s just going to be a new version of the same old boss

ofc. It’s looks like v2.0 of the old one.
but don’t forget that i have added new attacks.

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