Comet Chases are... maybe too unfair

So some people might know that before, comet chases were a joke… but now that they are harder, 1/2 comet mission are near impossible or down right impossible

Here is a perfect exemple of an impossible comet chase… (yes super power up exist, but it shouldn’t be a requirement to beat a mission)

Edit: BEFORE ANYONE SAYS “oh just use Vulcan Power Up” S H U T
A weapon shouldn’t be a requirement for a mission either… and in any case, even with Vulcan it would be hard to break trough in the situation I posted


Unfortunately Vulcan Chaingun is the best weapon for this mission and you should destroy some of them to advance. Keep it at near overheat and never let it overheat, I completed this in Rookie with one life and no special weapons, I reached wave 6 of 10 in Superstar Hero.

Sorry for the lag

The question remains: Is there a real impossible Comet Chase?

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1 other quick tip I learned in Comet Chases: Use Minigun sattelite and get close to a comet fragment, it should kill it.

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ICBMs are better

I’m amazed someone even manage to beat it without even shooting once… tho it is near perfection

But seriously they should make it so these situation are not common because I always try to beat every mission without any help from equipement (pure vanilla other then the weapon) and comet chases are a nightmare, I guess I’ll buy Vulcan since it’s the only solution that fits with my goal
(tho later I’ll buy some other goodies that allow to beat those mission easy too like ICBM or Minigun)

Oh and to answer, no there is no impossible comet chase, or at least, no impossible comer chase if you use super powers (since missile or mine will break every comet and dimensional phase-out will make you* unkillable, removing the whole problem), tho there IS comet chases that are impossible to beat without shooting, if I find one, I’ll repost here

I did it once unprepared, but failed in the last phase of Henlley.

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