Comet chase missions "safe zones"

I don’t know if this should be reported as a bug or as a new idea. With the 16th version we have the comet chase missions available. This kind of missions are different that the ones from CI3. Now the comets have an angle of flying. I noticed that all comets appear only from the bottom of the screen, as long as their center starts between screen edges. No comets appear from the left or right side of the screen (depend on the angle orientation - left or right). In the first waves you can not have a safe zone since the comets are too large, but when they become smaller and the angle mission is big, then in the upper corner (left or right) you can let your ship without any movement until the wave of the boss. I kept my ship in a such place for almost 5 waves without any hit from a comet. The idea is to make the comets to appear also from the sides of the screen in order to avoid the “safe zones”. Also, i noticed that for each passed wave we receive a key. The boss level should give more keys, depending on the difficulty of that mission.


Fixed in v.17

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In my case, i play CIU for fun. The old versions of the game are from the period when i was a child. I also have a hard job related to the computers and after 8 hours spent in the face of a screen writing code, is good to have a break outside. I play this game using some of my free time (weekend) for fun (no time for playing with hard skills or to test everything), but also to improve this one by reporting bugs or ideas with any occasion. Is a big game, not like the current games that i can finish in 2-3 days. For the moment, i decided to explore only 4 constellations until the real release version, since the IA will reset our progress (not the collected keys).

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