Comet Chase: Freezing Comets

Frezzing comets will randomly appear during waves (replacing normal comets) only on 30%+ difficulty and will have increased spawn rate proportionally to difficulty, capped at 50%. They will be restricted to medium-small size and will have the same health as normal comets. Their effect will be to leave behind an ice trail, that will last 3-5 seconds depending on difficulty (and will go away progressively, as it came), that will slow down players when they pass through it, with no other after penalty (If the ice trail disappears while the player is on it, the will return to normal speed immediatly).

Their appearance would be the same as a comet, but with a light blue palette. It’s ice trail effect could be a duplicate of the ice effect in frozen planets.

Henlley’s comet is allowed to summon them.


What about if this only happened on cold planets?


Though about it, and would have logical roots, but I think it’s better to make it a stable part.

I’m with Traveller on this one.

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i guess it would look like this


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