Comet Blast

Desc: The Sciencetist at the Hero Academy has recently caught a small falling comet that hit the window of the academy. It’s cold to touch and because it’s very cold and fragile, many sciencetist found out that they can be ultilized as a weapon by their own! Blast these purple comets back to the chicken and ensure that they will recieve a happy-cold ending.
Weapon group: Ice
Gift: Purple gift but with vanilla ribbons.
Level changes:
Level 0: One small comet at the tip
Level 1: One Medium comet is fired at the tip
Level 2: Two small comets at the tip and the rear, at this level onward, the comet will begin to spread out 2 degree until it’s reach 6 degree before returning
Level 3: Three small comets at the tip and the rear
Level 4: One medium comet at the tip and 2 small at the rear
Level 5: 3 medium comets at the tip and the rear, spread is now reach to 8 degree
Level 6: 3 medium comets at the tip and the rear along side with 4 smaller comets at the sides.
Level 7: Same as level 6 except it’s deal more damage and spread now reach 10 degree
Level 8: An extra comet is added, bringing to 8 comets shot with 4 medium at tip and rear and 4 small at the sides
Level 9: 6 medium comets at tip and rear and 2 small at the sides.
Level 10: 8 medium comets at tip, rear and sides.
Level 20 (Max): It’s now fire 12 medium comets and it’s spread is now reach to 12 degree.
Damage at lv 1: 450
Damage at lv 10: 1450
Damage at lv 20: 2450
Strong against: Big Chicken bosses
Weak against: Metal-like bosses, comets and henlley’s comet

They are a mix of photon swarm and hypergun, massive flocks but ending up quickly overheat.

It reminds me of an idea that was created more before

Iam so not gonna read this

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