Coins to keys

So i have an idea to made coins more useful!
In CIU enemies sometimes drop coins.
Coins give a score and lot of them, but coins have only one function.
I decided to make a second function : coins can to become to the keys.
But one thing can blow your mind : Less chance for get keys

So , for 250 CoinGold you can get 1 Key

Yeah, i know this is expensive, we will be buy more keys for money and this can help IA.


The requirement of grinding instead of naturally playing missions over time is what I consider to be a design deficit.

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Grinding in this game is balanced, kinda annoying but it’s not huge

I litteraly played games with a way worse economy (aka gatcha genre)


Coins were the currency in Smileyville.

Maybe these screenshots from InterAction Studios website can help to calculate it's value:

sv-sshot-action sv-sshot-puzzle sv-sshot-challenge

The prices of the vitamins can be seen on the left.

Vitamin guide

I will put the vitamin guide of Smileyville here soon.

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I get hardly any coins so I don’t want to get less keys in order to exchange my coins. Pointless in my opinion, coins are ok, they give score, it can as it is



I highly doubt this feature would get added but I highly support it.
However, 250coins for 1 key is WAY overpriced. Even if there is no current use for them.
A new player would get 1 key from coins per week (if they were to play daily that is).
50 coins for 1 key seems a lot better. Coins aren’t that common of a sight in contrary to food, and collecting coints currently feels pointless if you aren’t trying to be literally number 1 score at everything. So giving them this use whilst not making them an efficient way to farm keys but some key payment from time to time like a spending thing say a fuel pack, this currency thing seems like a good addition in my book.


Fair point, but this was about the idea itself not about ways to obtain keys. Stay on subject.

Grinding is boring. I want the way I obtain my keys to be interesting. Full support.

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