Coffee Rifle/Coffee Shotgun

The Coffee rifle (Satellite)
It appears like a sniper rifle, Except the place where the magazine is will be replaced with a Pouch that gets smaller per shot, around 10 beans can be fired, You need to wait for 2.5 seconds to shoot it again, It deals massive damage to enemies surrounding the unfortunate chicken . The enemies surrounding it will experience Hallucination, Where they cant shoot Accurately, Thus bullets will be flying everywhere.

Description: A Special Rifle made by Locken Lowd Heavy Industries And Starbeans Corp. designed a bioweapon that decreases enemy Accuracy , And make Recruits less sleepy during long missions.

The Coffee Shotgun (Satellite)
Shoots multiple beans Infront of the weapon, In hotter Environment’s it turns it to a “Foam” causes
chickens to experience Hallucination.

Description: Twin weapon of the Coffee Rifle, This time made by Starbeans and Deep Fried Chicken Laboratory’s, The creators of the Lightning Fryer. Turns into a foam which decreases enemy accuracy, And makes the recruits awake even longer during longer missions


It’s kinda OP

Like bird flu gun, but with massive damages and shotgun styled
Kinda OP, well… Most satellites is not need to be too strong like main weapon :confused:

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