Clown Chicken (Boss Idea)

Do you remember my art of Clown Chicken ?

so , here’s it as a boss fight, the attacks are random.

First Attack: it will throw some balls in a high speed.

Second Attack: It will throw (2-5) boxes (depends on difficulty) and if you are above one of the boxes the clown chicken’s head will get out of the box.
Third Attack: The clown chicken will drop some balloons tied to it a mine egg and if you hit the balloon will get out a chicken from the balloon and the tied egg will smash.
So that’s my idea .

What’s your opinion?
  • Good Idea
  • Bad Idea

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Good idea but IA very busy for IOS and spacecraft win the voting


Wat a brilliant idea


you deleted the vote becuase bad idea was more than good idea…not good

the vote still there wot

can be cool!

We’ll just pray to IA to add these boss idea.

Since we have balloon chickens

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