Close-range melee weapon of sorts

This is a really undeveloped idea. What I mean by that is that I just thought of it immediately and that this idea, (like any other ideas, but this one in particular) should be open to and adjustable by y’all.

I was thinking of some sort of close range melee weapon, Like some sort of whip or sword. It wouldn’t be a projectile, rather than that it would be a weapon that would be attached to the ship in a way.
I’ll try my best to show what I mean with this elegant image down below.

I’d say that judging by it’s nature, at least the way I presented it, would fit as a satelite rather than a main weapon.

Again, this isn’t a fully-fledged idea and it should be adjusted to your calibers, but I think it’d make for an interesting and useful weapon, that’s why I thought of opening up this idea.

Notice: I’m not suggesting both of them at once, I just suggested 2 to add up more possibilities.
It also doesn’t have to be specifically a whip or a sword, that’s just what I thought of at that moment.

Any further ideas that I have to it will be typed down below this edit checkpoint.

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I was thinking that the weapons would insta-kill or would kill in 2 hits almost all types of normal, non-boss enemies.
I’m not good with how damage works so I’m not gonna touch that.
I was also thiking that the whip would swing from one side to the other, at about a 45 degree rate when it reaches one end.


Since it’s a satellite it should dissapear after it hits a specific amount of chickens

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[Retracted] Weapon suggestion - Close range stream (+ Pulse Cannon and Krypton Phaser redesign and rebalance) Something similar is suggested, but as a main weapon.

But don’t you think it’s too similar to Barbequer? Sure it’s more tentacle-ish, but what benefit it gives compared to barbequer?


And also this one: Particle Stabber Weapon - #8


I’d say that compared to the Barbequer, it would only be able to hit about less than 3 chickens in a swing. And the swing would be fairly slow, meaning that it would either be a one hit chance thing. The range would be shorter but way more powerful. Powerful enough to destroy the metal-suit chicken in one/two swings. Again, however you’d prefer.

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