Close Encounters bug

This happened to my brother too.

Yes, the Red Laser arm DID move to the left before the UCO began its attack pattern but on the second Purple Laser attack the Red Laser came from the right.


bug is fix next update bro XD

This is possible if the server and the client don’t exactly agree on where the UCO should be. Was this a multiplayer or single-player game? Also, how many frames per second (FPS) do you usually get during a mission?


Multi-player and I was hosting. I also often have 60fps except in the case of massive explosions.

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Ok, in that case it’s probably a very rare and unlucky occurrence most likely caused by floating-point number inaccuracy. You haven’t noticed this more than once, have you?

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Nope, just the one time. But I figured I’d still bring it up.

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