Close Air Support (AKA Ships for Planetary Missions)

The title says it all. My idea is a spacecraft family that is preferable in planetary missions if those make it into the game. It would have improved speed and damage in those types of mission. Costs range between 1300-2000 keys. 3 ships.

I’m against. Planetary mission should be played the same way with every spaceship. Bomber family was good because their speed is changed globally on every mission, but I’m against making spaceship type that has advantages over others in certain missions.


I’m more likely to use heat shield to hot planets, emp shield to lightning planet, etc.

But what does it have to do with this suggestion?

If you want to enter the planet you need them… I think.

Yes, but they don’t give you any advantage. They just let you enter the planet.

I think he just read the title or something, I’m trying to make sense out of his responses, did I not explain myself correctly?

I think we’re better off choosing between missions in space, or in the sky above a specific planet. Gives more variety to the backgrounds.

Another person who understood the topic differently?

Nothing changes here. A_Neutral_Swiss just suggested spaceship type which has advantage in planetary missions (water, cave, ice etc from CI5). I’m against it, but hey, that forum is for discussing ideas and improving them.

Nothing changes here too. I don’t know what was the reason of your post.

Anyway, I suggested this because, in the current state of spacecrafts, you have no gameplay incentive to buy them. In my experience, their special features are almost unnoticable (tho I don’t have any mullers) and I wanted something to add some “Stategy” if you call selecting an advantegeous ship that.

How do you improve inſtant reaction time and a lack of top ſpeed? Does the ſhip move faſter than your mouſe?

Aaaand BOOM!


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