Clicking On Side Taskbar Minimizes CIU

Hello there.

First and foremost: This problem only appears for Windows users having their taskbar placed on the right, left, or top side of the screen.

It appears that when I hover my mouse over the left side of the screen, where my taskbar is (as it is placed there), the regular Windows mouse cursor appears and separates from the CIU cursor. Upon clicking with the Windows cursor, CIU minimizes. In-game, the ship doesn’t go to the side where the taskbar is placed as well. While yes, this doesn’t affect much when it comes to ship’s maneuverability, any attempts to fire with LMB minimies the game.

Please advise.

Thank you

Which version of Windows are you using?

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I’m using Windows 10 version 1809.

At the main menu, select Options -> Controls -> Mouse -> Capture mouse.

Do you still get the same problem?

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Same problem with or without “Capture mouse” + when it happens my AMD ReLive can’t record a video for some reason.

By the way, IA, The problem has been resolved by enabling Mouse Capture. Thank you for your swift response.

Unfortunately this thread may seem to continue due to a separate problem involving AMD ReLive (see VerMishelb’s post above)

I’m still trying to reproduce the original problem here, but I can’t.

And I don’t think the AMD ReLive issue can ever be solved (not by the game, at least).

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ReLive is glitchy hell so I’m glad it works somehow.
@InterAction_studios Hope this will help you to reproduce.

Ok, I got it to reproduce, but only if I start CIU first and then change the taskbar location while CIU is running. If you quit and reload the game, then the problem goes away.

This is such a rare case that I think problems are to be expected. I can’t fix them anyway.

Does the problem persist for you even after reloading the game?

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For me — yes

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