Clasics ui

they could add the UI of the previous games to the CIU shop!
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Already suggested.


I support this suggestion very much. I miss the old games’ aesthethics and I would like see them integrated in CIU, it would make the game all the better, adding to the atmosphere and feel of the game.

Already suggested.

The fact that it was already suggested by other people (including me actually), only solidifies further the fact of how good of a suggestion it is.
I don’t mean to pry on you but generally speaking you seem to be the preacher of “Already suggested” if something has been already suggested. Do try to add something else to the topic instead of slapping people.

It’s forum etiquette to point that out, not any form of preachiness or superiority complex. Besides, it’s interesting to revisit those old topics.

Besides, it also means that the topic was brought up previously but was ignored by iA. My money’s on… engine limitations.

besides the tone you’re using in that post sounds pretty preachy to me


well, CIU used to have CI5 UI assets in the very first versions (they weren’t used in-game though)

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That became a some kind of tradition.
I have nothing to add as I really liked the idea back then, the new UI is a bit too oversimplified. The problem is that the new UI is drawn and generated by the game without using much textures and older UI requires more than this.

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