CIU will be on Windows XP

Great news!
@InterAction_studios decide to support CIU for Windows XP.
It’s because some people are still using Windows XP (30%)
Thank you @InterAction_studios for making CIU for Windows XP

Everyone! Do you have any questions about CIU for Windows XP?
Thank you! and Goodbye!

Who cares?

Try to guess.

I’m using Windows XP!
I tried to download CIU for Windows XP. But it didn’t work because, it’s not support!
But next update will be better for everyone!

Better for everyone who uses windows XP,you mean.
Either way,was it really necessary to make a thread about this when people can just look at the known bugs and new features thread and find out about it?


Where did you find that percentage?

He made it because the new things are rare in the KB&NF topic now.

Not sure how that explains it,but ok

I thought Windows XP is totally dead in 2019 but “Legends Never Die”

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Btw your data will be unsafe on Win XP because Microsoft doesn’t support Windows XP to make security patch for it (virus can invades your data easily)

Huh? How?

The answer is: Its completely trash (XP).

I’d be curiöus to find out if it’s 30% of people (~7,6×30%=2,3 thouſand million), or 30% of XP. If the latter, I’d like to know which 30%.

@Nikito, it’s not completely traſh: it was ſo good that it’s ſtuck around for many years, unlike (ſay) Win 98. It’s ſtill perfectly good for computing and ſo on.
The trouble is this: if you connect you computer to others, e.g. via the internet, you are granting them the poſſibility of attacking your computer, hence the need for ſecurity. Much like phyſical locks and cyphers, computer ſecurity is conſtantly advancing to keep up with the ever-ſtronger attacks. Naturally, if you’re uſing an 18-year-old technology, and the manufacturers are no longer providing ſupport for it, it’s ſafe to aſſume that ſomeone at ſome point will be able to harm you ſomehow (WannaCry, anyöne?), if they ſo deſire, and given the number of computer uſers in the world, ſomeone will ſo deſire. However, if you are not connected to other computers, and don’t have a requirement for programmes that don’t ſupport it, XP is fine.

My first PC was on windows XP and it was great. XP is fine if there is no internet. I played many good games (like Disney’s Hercules(1997), Neighbours from hell, Mortal Combat 4, CI4 and many others) and doesnt have troubles until entering the internet there. I dont want to explain the problems that i got, but for me this windows is good only without internet connection. The other thing is that the problems was on other PC wich was the same windows, but for me there isnt much difference except the oldness of the 2 computers. The first even didnt want to respond against the internet. But the first PC was great without the internet with added games and movies from disk.

The difference is that gaming is a pretty inſignificant part of my computer uſe. I only play CIU.

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