CIU Weapons v49 remarks

Weapons in CI are quite unbalanced since CI3, although I like weapon diversity in CI but I think the weapons needed to be well balanced and upon v49 I am very satisfied about the weapon balancing. Here I would like to give a few remarks on each weapon:

  1. Ion Blaster
    Weak when underpowered but strong when overpowered. Starting from fp 10 there is a thick red projectile in the middle and this make Ion Blaster deals a lot of damage at the center and fp 20 is even more devastating. I prefer this weapon than Utensil Poker, anyone else? By the way this is an all-purpose weapon and I set this weapon as my default weapon. Great against all missions especially effective on Supernova missions and bosses with wide map spread. Another pros on this weapon is it barely overheat. In addition this weapon deals tons of damage when you shotgun the enemy and that feels like Neutron Gun tho! Anyways I like the rework of the Ion Blaster.

  2. Neutron Gun
    Boss executioner since CI3 . Great against any single bosses . Also weak when underpowered and strong when overpowered. The fp increase from 10 to 20 is also quite huge. One big cons of this weapon is that it could be easily overheated if you fire it too rapidly. Since the rework of Laser Cannon on v49 , I stareted to prefer Laser Cannon rather than Neutron Gun. Also Neutron Gun is not very good against wide map waves.

  3. Laser Cannon
    This weapon is insane since rework v49. Not only it travels full range and the overheat rate also significantly decreased! Laser Cannon is pretty balanced at any fp . The decrement of overheated rate I feel it does perfoms better than Neutron Gun with pros of instataneous beam. Now this weapons is so satisfying to use than before! Great job CIU developers! The only cons I think it would be the projectile brightness , sometimes I can’t see chicken’s projectile firing at my spaceship. I hope slighty decremnt of brightness and trasparency can be done for the upcoming update.

  4. Lightning Fryer
    This weapon has some damage buff upon v49, and this makes this weapon comparable with Positron Stream. ( Although I feel Lightning Fryer is stronger ) This weapons has smooth curve of increment in fp from 0 to 10 , but it started becoming overwhelmed at fp 20! . The lightning chain mechanics allows to take out chicken swarm pretty good than before. In addition the zapping sound of this weapon is one of the most satisfying to hear and I don’t want to switch to other weapon because of that. The effect on boss killing is moderate and I feel it overheat a little bit quicker than before. The only cons of this weapon is that it is hard to concentrate on medium units and the weakness is more significance shown during boss fight Shoot The Core.

  5. Vulcan Chaingun
    One of the hardest weapon to master. I feel Vulcan Chaingun does the highest dps than other machine gun upon v49. This weapon is very good on Comet Chase missions. The fp upgrade is pretty balanced even until fp 20. I don’t use this weapon much because I can’t handle the weapon well so I did prefer other weapon as well. However, this weapon is the best in CIU version although this weapons is basically trash in CI3,4,5.

  6. Plasma Rifle
    This weapon is balanced at any fp. The small area splash damage during lockon is quite useful to take out swarm of chickens. This weapon deals the highest dps among all autolock weapons, but it’s high overheat rate cause this weapon slightly outperform than other autolock weapon. I only prefer this weapon on single boss fight. In conclusion this weapon is not too weak and not too overpowered.

  7. Moron / Boron Railgun
    Power is balanced at all fp. Still these weapons are not good enough and this could be the weakest weapon in the CI series. I only prefer this weapon when I decided to challage the waves. It is okay in single bosses fight . Although the firing rate of this weapon had been modified but it is still not okay to use. I think these weapons need some rework.

  8. Photon Swarm
    This weapon is trash since CI4 but it becomes one of the best weapon upon v49. This weapon is pretty balanced at any fp . Anyways this is the only weapon that has homing ability and this ability can helps to fire chickens more safely without staying underneath of chickens . The damage buff also very significance and I very like the damage output of this weapon. Its low overheat rate allows to fire automatically without too much of worries and it also cooldown quickly within seconds. Anyways this weapon is a fun weapon to use but the big cons of this weapon is the projectile could be misdirected especially on wide area bosses fight.

  9. Positrion Stream
    Balanced damage output at any fp. This weapon does functionally similar to Lighting Fryer but I don’t prefer this weapon much. The only pros of this weapon than Lightning Fryer is that it is more concentrated on single unit so it is quite capable on taking out medium troops and boss from Shoot The Core.

  10. Utensil Poker
    At last the chicken terminator. This weapon is probably the best weapon in the CI series and it is weak when underlevelled and insanely strong when overpowered!! Since the Ion Blaster rework I feel Ion Blaster is now comparable with Utensil Poker. The main advantage of this weapon is it has wide spread and focused shot at diffrent stage whick makes this weapon the most flexible weapon in CI series. Although this weapon is pretty strong but I prefer Ion Blaster more.

  11. Corn Shotgun
    This weapon also chicken terminator, but it does not have wide spread than Utensil Poker. I prefer this weapon more than Utensil Poker when it comes to swarm killing. Also the main properties of this weapon is that this weapon never overheat!! The popcorn shot also does high damage on chickens. However, this weapon only start become viable from fp 10 onwards because the firing rate below fp 9 is too slow. When fp reached 10 onwards this weapon becomes so good and the projectile transparency also makes this weapon more favourable in some situations.

  12. Riddler / Hypergun
    I barely use these weapons so I don’t have much remark on them. The reason is the damge output is too low and I didn’t concern about the fp curve of these 2 weapons, although rework has been done…

  13. Absolver Beam
    God penetrater. This weapon is only viable on Shoot The Core and Boss Nova. When dealing with other normal waves it could be the worst.

Overall my favourite weapon rankings:
5. Photon Swarm
4. Lightning Fryer
3. Corn Shotgun
2. Ion Blaster

  1. Laser Cannon

Again, a point I’ve been stressing. The Laser Cannon Rework went under the noses of a lot of people really.

Funnily enough, it’s just one person. Guess a lot of havoc can be wreaked by a simple big-studio sounding name.

It takes quite a bit of skill to master.

You sure about that? Nearly a third of CI5 takes place in a constricted environment, where Photon Swarm, then and now, performs best.

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Next update or a few, it’ll be forgotten again. Although if Laser Cannon’s really good now, why still few use it?

Not me - Laser is on par with a fully-heated boron, currently.

It obscured your visual though, so I’m not finding it too useful in challenges even though it’s insanely good for normal missions.

Well photon swarm is a trash in supernova missions and riddler is the best

But photon swarm is best in more than 2 boss missions
like chicken multiplicity/exponality .etc

photon swarm doesn’t break my hand unlike manual fire weapons
That is why I like it


Me too but after the (v.48/49 i can not remember)was released i was disappointed because it`s overheat rate was increased :no_mouth: :no_mouth:

Yeah, true, but neither does riddler.


I wrote it accidently :sweat_smile:
sorry if you mind.

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