CIU weapon ranking!

This is my personal ranking, feel free to create yours!

  1. Photon Swarm
  2. Lightning Fryer
  3. Positron Stream
  4. Plasma Rifle
  5. Vulcan Chaingun
  6. Hyper Gun
  7. Boron Railgun
  8. Utensil Poker
  9. Absolver Beam
  10. Riddler
  11. Corn Shotgun
  12. Moron Railgun
  13. Laser Cannon
  14. Neutron Gun
  15. Ion Blaster

I’m glad that the Weapons Balancing Program is completed. Not fully, but it is never expected for all weapons to be equally strong.

  • Strong: Photon Swarm, Positron Stream, Vulcan Chaingun, Hypergun, Utensil Poker

  • Medium: Lightning Fryer, Plasma Rifle, Boron Railgun, Ion Blaster, Laser Cannon, Neutron Gun

  • Weak: Riddler, Corn Shotgun

  • Very weak: Moron Railgun, Absolver Beam (only useful in very few waves, completely useless in Spiral of Doom).


moron railgun isnt supposed to be strong

absolver sucks whne the chickens are going at high speed but useful in boss fights or when its a square dancing

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yeah, i put absolver beam high on the list cuz i appreciate how unique it is, even tho its pretty useless lol

i have an idea that will make absolver beam kinda better with high speed chickens

I’ll have to disagree with you on Riddler’s position. It’s quite potent these days, it has the advantage of being the weapon with the longest sustainable fire. Otherwise, I’d say it’s pretty accurate

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I mean, this topic also exists:

Also, why ya do our OG boy Ion Blaster dirty like that eh?

Jk, you’re entitled to your own opinion even if others don’t share your viewpoint. I for one like Ion Blaster quite a lot, it’s a good wave clearer and while the design isn’t the best, it’s still decent.


ion is a reliable damage dealer, well rounded and with fairly good DPS, but come on moron is the best weapon in the game and anyone who disagrees is instantly wrong and will be sent to undertale deviantart pages


oh no pls anything but the undertale deviantart

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oh i didnt knew about that topic, still it is a bit different from mine, and i respect your opinion :))


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