CIU version 146 BETA

Cool summer vacation. We are preparing for resting summer edition (except some people are preparing for the big examination in some countries).
Anyways, first thing, it’s too hard to know which is the Regular Chicken or the Metal-suit Chicken, though we can know this by looking at the swimming float, but it’s too hard to notice or see it easily.

Second thing, don’t the army be allowed to have a summer vacation? :skull:

And the third thing is: Children or young people (or even teenagers) like summer vacation so much, even than us a lot. And … yes. You can understand which enemy (not a boss) do i want to suggest for a new summer costume.

Fourth thing, can you remove the smoke of the “beach ball”?

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Um wait… @InterAction_studios where is my medal from “Bug Exterminator” not have earned it?

it’s not
orange-blue laser beam in summer like a photon swarm?

No. I know how to recognize which is Regular Chicken and which is Metal-suit Chicken. Metal-suit Chicken’s swimbelt has a white border, while Regular Chicken doesn’t have a white border, just a single-color swimbelt. For me, there is no difficulty in seeing.

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Bro now he can feel that it’s really very hot. :skull: Congratulation for you, Sweetie Chicken!


We know it, and i know it too.
The problem is: You can’t waste a short time to see which is the Metal-suit, or the Regular. When you look to the swimming float, you have to look carefully, and imagine you will meet a lot of them in a zoom-in wave.

small idea: make him become a paraglider at the beach.

cool!! :3

in CI5U Hend Game, the metal-suit chicken’ skins don’t change into the Summer ones like other waves.

same goes CI4U Egg Cannon

So I’ve noticed something weird on Party Chicken:

The placement of the nostrils has shifted more towards the side of the beak in the Summer edition.


in this summer ufo chicken in ci4u is so dark again.

CI5U/CIU UFO chicken too.

You’ll have to wait until official build is released. This is beta build.

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I have an idea to change the summer event from chicks to chicks wearing goggles

No. Normal Chick don’t have summer costume. But Ninja Chick/Assassin Chick in summer seasonal is already same as Diver Chick in CI5 Chapter 4 (Underwater level). And Pirate Chick is wearing sunglasses.

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Im not sure if anyone has brought this before so…

Steam has beta feature, so could be a bit convenient if you can port your beta version on Steam too.


uhhhh… because this is not the space, It’s a virtual reality lol

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Can you point to your post in which you described the bug so that iA can find it faster?

Except that 2sN hasn’t suggested/reported anything for the next version, hint hint.

I don’t think you understand. Piotrek suggests that Superchick should have its beam palette changed.

Well, you’re not the first one who thinks that. :sweat_smile:

In any case, welcome to the forum!


isn’t changed from orange-blue superchick beam color at summer (yellow-orange is awful).

didn’t not iA seems too late to earned latest update (experimental).