CIU version 144

What do you mean ping him

Don’t feel desperated because iA doesn’t read your ideas in other topic except here.
He actually reads other topics but he has other priorities to do.
Please keep this place as current development discussion and at least report bug.


Yeah, I think I just need better ideas, my last one the Laser Field idea got “Chicken Butt” as the winner and that was the worst option…so…:grimacing:

Beside, iA is busy for something else, so if you want iA to care something just like new waves, new boss,… is impossible now, except you will wait until 2025.

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Holy hens that long, what is he adding right now, not to mention this year!?

iA is working at this

To support this, iA has changed a lot of thing that can involving to this, to make sure there will be no bug ingame, or something else more.

Also, notice this:

(bro, we’re waiting for DLC too long, but why i don’t have any news about it?)


I saw the thing about the Police Chase mission and I think that’s pretty cool, but why do they have to be DLC’s what about people who aren’t able to pay with real money (like me, I’m broke, but to be fair I’m 14) But some people don’t have money or just can’t pay so IA should make it an option to pay for them with keys in-game. (Just costing a buttload of money)

@Frank_Ipsum See how I mentioned/pinged you with your name at the start? That’s how it works. It can work with other users, like @Star_Light (I apologize, this is a test to show how pings/mentions work.) to mention them in your message.

Pinging IA is not always encouraged, unless it’s something urgent, like servers being dead.


@DePeeper Oh…thanks. Like this?

Accept it! Those are the episodes from the old series games. What do you think if an old production that already to be sold and popular in the world, now they are in another game for reminding the old ones? (of course CIxU will have some small different with their original)

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That’s fair, I just gotta get me some money. But that should be easy…

“I’m the chosen one”

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Another video from iA

Ok, i think the music which was used in the video isn’t the original music of the mission (though i didn’t play it yesterday). I need an explain for the reason why all 2 bosses played “The Imperial Strut” music?

And one more thing, can the outcome of both 2 players be shown? The base score isn’t actually decide you win the match or not. It also depend on Medal score and Weapon Virtuosity.


could be selected theme

Tower of Power and Symphony No.1 already speed up with difficulty. I’ve added the same to Binary Stream/Scream in v.145 :medal_sports: Bug

Technically, the server doesn’t know what type of mission dares/cup are. So it just uses that icon instead.

The music is taken from the “left side” video. If that player has overridden music, then that’s what you’ll hear. But I can change that in v.145. :medal_sports: Idea

Ooh… right. :grimacing: I’ll look into it.


I’ve posted a few more sample videos / highlights from yesterday’s matches. All selections are random. There are three highlight categories: “Victories against bosses”, “Player deaths”, and “Displays of skill”. That last one is still being tweaked, so you might see some seemingly unjustified reels in there, but it will improve over time.

For highlights, take your pick:





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ia could you watch this topic it dosnt have replies but check A idea in board


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Strange, but it’s fine in it.

Sigh IA… What if you could make a video of cup knockout match on final round, is it relate to the Competitive or not?

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Cup quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals are all planned to appear.