CIU version 141 BETA


You can now play the entirety of the “The Next Wave” episode from within the “Profile” screen of CIU (let’s call this CI2U). This is a complete recreation of CI2 entirely from scratch, so it’s not going to be as faithful as the rest of the episodes (this is intended). There’s even some minor new content shoved in there.

Seasonal content does not work yet – in fact, you should disable Christmas before playing to fully get the intended impression.

You can skip/warp around waves: Press SHIFT+keys 0-9, -, = to set chapter (from 1 to 12), or press 0-9 keys to set wave in chapter (from 1 to 10).

Note that in the BETA, CI3U, CI4U and CI5U are still available to catch any bug regressions.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:

You can link your existing account that you normally use. Progress on the BETA server is completely separate from the LIVE server. It’s based on a database snapshot when v.140 was released, so your progress will be rolled back slightly (when compared to your live account). And, when the new version is officially released, any progress you made on the BETA server will be lost. Also, any translation changes will also be lost.

Multiplayer games will work, however note that your network connectivity will not be correctly detected by the BETA server (I think it will always say “Port-restricted cone NAT”). If there is a discrepancy between detection and your actual NAT type, then you will not be able to join some multiplayer games (even if they are listed). If the discrepancy lies on the host side, then none of the guests will be able to connect.

I will notify as the BETA server comes on-line and goes off-line.

It might take a few hours for some DNS changes to propagate. In the meantime, if running the regular CIU.exe can’t connect, use run_this_if_you_cant_connect.bat instead.




Man, CI2U is there, finally!




This is the part I was looking forward to the most.


the boss in stage pluto “Show’em who’s boss!” is so heavy to defeating him but depending on the difficulty (im using SSH)

and is it too much for collecting a lot of “ion blaster” in pluto and neptune,does can reducing?


This is a bug. Fixed in v.141.2 :medal_sports: Bug

Will issue an emergency fix.



BETA v.141.2 is now available.

:arrow_down: Download the BETA from:


It’s time I talk about this:

1- The starting cutscene should be more zoomed out (or the sun should be smaller)

2- There should be an exhaust sound effect at the start of every stage.

3- Paratroopers should be in blue clothing.

4- Bosses are very tanky, even with a BX-9.

5- In the “Classic Invasion” and “One More Time” waves, the chickens spawn straight down in the original CI2, but that’s not the case here.

I’ll send more info after I play more of this.

6- For every boss, their respective wave number isn’t shown.

7- In wave twenty six, there should be less chickens.

8: In wave thirty six and thirty seven, the chickens are close to the center.

9- In chapters two, four, six, eight, ten, and twelve, asteroids should be red.

10- In wave fourty, the Mother Hen Ship should spawn more chickens.

11- In the “Saturn” cutscene, when the hero is getting gas, there shouldn’t be an exhaust sound effect when he flies away.

12- Wave 50 and 90 is just a tragedy, lower their health and projectile speed.

13- In the “Earth” cutscene, the screen shouldn’t shake when the hero totally didn’t commit a felony.



what if CI2’s powerup dropping rules were applied here? they weren’t so frequent back then

Holy moly. 280MB of download. When did it grow so much…

oh that’s just due to all of the other episodes being included

In Engage level (37), the chickens at the bottom of the screen cannot be targeted and will collide with the ship even in the lower corner left .

In the Halloween version after the whole game, the background is not green in this sequence

Hmm. I wonder how much space (if any at all) would be saved now if we compare all stand-alone episodes with all DLCs to CIU with all episodes…

Last time I checked it was 67.85MB + 155.57MB + 238.23MB + 232.66MB = 694.31MB episodes vs 422.06MB CIU

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is the new ci2 chapter complete theme an original composition or something licensed? i see it’s only included in ci2 and nowhere else

mmm…i see the meteor shower is normal in seasonal contant (none).

but in christmas did not change like meteor ice ball (it appears the smoke ice only behind meteor)

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hmm… is it possible to change the texture of asteroids from red to normal while we are on Earth?

also thought of CI2’s old food and coin drops (a bunch of coins from one enemy and only drumsticks and roasts)

and what’s the order of weapon drops here? I saw riddler in chapter 3

be quick or be dead seems to work like the version from the ci1 anniversary mission instead of the original, the chickens spawn in instantly and there’s a lot of them


me too, i saw boron is drop in chapter 1

in the interception waves when flying close to horizontally, it seems to be impossible to shoot them from below

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