CIU version 138 BETA

Go see your calendar, I ain’t gonna explain anything anymore.

I mean its to long on black friday,we in month 9 and its in month 11

Okay I’m done.

All Hallows’ Eve, known in popular culture as Halloween, is a celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the evening before All Hallows’ Day.

CIU version 138 BETA❌
Chat Room :white_check_mark:

Don’t need make a indestructible barrier if I have try without satellites and special weapon. With max power of Neutron Gun, Ion Blaster, Utensil Poker and Vulcan Chaingun can destroy bottom barrier. But Plasma Rifle, Positron Stream, Riddler, Corn Shotgun, Absolver Beam, Laser Cannon and Boron Railgun is not good to try destroy bottom barrier. What weapon are you using in wave 88?

Firstly, i can do that (except some weapon like Positron Stream or Plasma Rifle because their projective doesn’t shoot from the spaceship’s wing)
Secondly, i told iA to let all barriers in CI5U become destructible, but they said no (they also explained above). While that, “From Cover to Cover” wave still keep the destructible barrier, and other waves still keep the indestructible barriers
Better you should read again from here and see what iA replied to me after that.

Satellites should have a timer circle that countdown when they disappear

(Or they gradually lose its corona light)

why heavy chicks not wearing christmas hat (christmas seasonal).

Can you just spend time on scrolling up and reading?

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shit i don’t care you can update from v139 or v140 changed and never scrolling up or reading.


you just need to…

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Why cant I link my current gmail to the V138 Early Access

Changed in v.139.2 :medal_sports: Idea