CIU Teaser #2


This is going to be dope


Awesome teaser! There will definitely be a learning curve here, looks exciting I love it can’t wait to play!


Can’t wait for early access!


I’m going to cry of this


Looks amazing! I can’t wait!


wow looks, really different from previous games. I feel like I’m about to play the free version of No Chicken’s sky


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:Tears of happiness…I’m so happy that this wonderful game will be finally launched.I’m surprized how the game is!


Also, this background looks like combination of CI4 and CI5 background. I hope it will be changed in the future. The stars are so tiny, looks weird but its still good!


I really like the background!


I’m guessing that this teaser might be some kind of gameplay which means that CIU will be soon launched(in a few days)


Yes! I can’t wait for next week!


YES FINALLY!!! I can’t wait to play this great game!!


VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: @InterAction_studios in the teaser at the beginning we see a bunch of stars scattered thorough the space, is that the galaxy view? Or will it have a shape like the Milky way had this circular shape in past games


Yes, that’s the galaxy view. It’s different from previous episodes.


@InterAction_studios this is amazing I used to play chicken invaders as a child all the time and I really wanna play this! Is there a possible way to release an early access to this game soon?


Yeah,if they can get it done soon,it will be done soon. Very simple

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