CIU Steam beta

Things are almost ready for the Steam release, and I’m looking for a few brave volunteers to perform final beta testing before CIU goes live. Post below if you are willing to participate, and I’ll send Steam keys to you in a private message.


  1. Only apply if you are a regular Steam user and you are intimately familiar with how games work on Steam.

  2. Only apply if you seriously intend to be involved in testing. There is no other benefit to being in the Steam beta: It will end after a few days, the game will be free-to-play anyway, and the Steam version is identical to the stand-alone version available separately here.

  3. Keys are limited, so first-come first-served.


I’d like to participate.

Me too

I’ve been using steam for a quite awhile so I’m going to participate

I would like to participate too.

Gimmi that key dad, in more seriousness, I wanna try it. It’s my first time being a beta tester and it would be an honor to participate.

I’d like to apply

I like that, I want to participate in it

Idk I gonna join, should I?

Should I?
  • You’re about to enter bruh moment and pain. I support
  • Leave it to me kid
  • Sit back and enjoy lol
  • You don’t have requirements
  • h
  • :lock::lock::lock:
  • :ramen:

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I could do it

I’d like to partake in this wonderful project.

count me in

I’d like to participate too, especially because I have free time thanks to weekends.

Using steam for a quite awhile
Never been a beta tester
And I would like to participate

Decided. Sure, I guess…

Sure. I use steam quite a bit.

I would like to participate, I have time this weekend

But of course

I would like to apply, if there are any keys left.

He still didn’t add the beta depot