Ciu sound bug maybe


you can tell me if this is a bug

It says that is a private video.

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strange youtube made it private. it should work now

Well, it definitely sounds strange

WARNING: :medal_sports:Bug medal is coming!


:neutral_face: i dont get it


:slightly_smiling_face: sorry for that. im tired and little depressed.

i dont think that i wll get a medal for that

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You are slowly turning to Travisdaman.

Please, stop to use <big> tag.

I don’t use <big>
I use #

I don’t!

How <big> works

How # works

This is the new sound when you remove something from your equipment. Or trying to click on accounts. Its sounds more fresh. Its not a bug.


thank you for answering me sorry i was thinking that it was a bug.

I thought You’re saying about the music stops xD

did you watch the video

yes aa