CIU Release Date

Since my inactivity, does anyone here knows when CIU will be playable?:thinking:

When it’s done…

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Yeah,fate knows when it’ll be available

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i think that maybe tomorrow 9.12.18 the early access will be release!!! and then will have some updates and the FULL game maybe will be release sometime of mid january!!!


The early access will release after 1 week i think.

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as IA says “not more than a week”

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Just wait,it’s gonna release soon.

Early access will be released pretty soon. As for Full version… Who knows?

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Will the early access be free? Just wondering.

Yes, it will be free.

Maybe the full version will be released in september 2019? Who knows? I hope iA was here to tell us. :confused:

He is. Read the plan updates.

I greatly admire your patience. The number of people who don’t ſeem to read before asking queſtions…I gueſs it’s reaſonable for new uſers, but it does get tiring.

Yes,plan updates. Please,look at the forum and you’ll find them

I know iA is in CIU fourms but not around here

And just what is this supposed to be?

as IA says “not more than a week” tic tac tic tac ha ha ha as always punctuality :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: 7 days after the waiting still here!!!

Did you see the word “hopefully”? They said “hopefully not more than a week”.

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yee yee maybe hopefully always something :japanese_goblin:

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Can you stop complaining already? Stop being so eccentric. IA are trying their best,and we just have to wait.