CIU quiz show P1

Hello and welcome to CIU Quiz show!
Each time will have 3 questions about CIU and this is the first part.
1.Which weapon is weakest when your firepower is 0?
A.Lightning Fryer
B.Laser Cannon
C.Photo Swarm
2.Which one is the most expensive here?
A.Corn Shotgun
B.Vulcan Chaingun
C.Boron Railgun
3.Which one is the most expensive here?
A.Dimensional Portal Phase-Out
B.Clucker Bomb
C.Poultry Payback
How to answer:
Ex: question 0 have the answer is C, type 0:C.
Thanks for playing.


C’mon, make it harder. It’s easy as chicken pie!

Alternatively, you can use Google Forms ( to make a quiz, then share your link here. How to make a Google Forms quiz: Google Forms - Create a Quiz - YouTube

Yep too EZ

OOF you answer correct 1/3


No, 2/3 bcs idk

3:B is correct

All questions are unclear.

  1. Weakest mean weakest per shot (click) or weakest per second? Also, does overheat rate come into play?
  2. Does it include upgrade cost?
  3. How many units of them?
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Lightning is the answer either way.

Why would it? Some weapons never overheat with manual fire,so that’s technically infinite damage for them.

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OK. Thanks for give me tips.

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