Ciu on linux

i downloaded ubuntu on my computer and wanting to play CIU on it but no supported

i wanted ia to create a linux version of ciu

Solution: Install windows.

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i tried multiple times but i could not get out LOL

Try wine, or steam proton.

But the best solution is

Install windows.

There were linux versions of normal episodes, but they ran like shit. They run much better in Wine.


Who the ever loving F keeps recommending this program to new linux users. You have other options to choose from: Heroic, Lutris, Steam, Bottles. Why POL still lives is beyond me.


At least I gave him 2 options to play hehe

Thats the problem, steam is freaking slow on a linux pc and proton gives me only 32fps

Linux wasn’t meant to be a gaming OS, especially on a potato hardware. :confused:

Yeah, but installing windows isn’t the best solution to play something on linux (though you can in virtual machine)

I mean, where steam isn’t slow? It’s a bloated as hell webpage bundled into chromium browser. Still one of the best launchers that exist.

Linux *wasn’t meant to be a gaming OS, but it nowadays can be a good choice for that. Best example: Steam Deck

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Use WINE, works out of box, just slower than Windows

Any suggestions for a potato hardware?

Yeah, but why bother with it if you can have a nice GUI for managing Wine.

I’d probably just throw something with xfce DE (like maybe Linux Mint xfce) and stick to native linux games preferably 2D indie - stardew valley, terraria, rogue legacy or some older 3D titles like minecraft (java runs better on linux) or valve’s half-life universe collection (which includes Portal)

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or if you’re feeling adventurous, arch with kde plasma

wine tricks does not work for me. its just wine path_to_exe in normal wine, not hard

kde too heavy for low hardware

Wine tricks is a collection of different stuff to help wine itself launch the apps it normally can’t. They are not the same thing.

kinda but kinda not, winetricks uses vulkan by default which is pain to gpus with no vulkan (you need to add flags, and sometimes won’t even run)

I was actually surprised because of how flawlessly CI4 ran in my old Dell with Xubuntu (it had originally Windows XP abd it ran very bad, and that’s why I installed Linux).