Ciu multiplayer grayscale bug?

when i playd ciu in multiplayer and died of 0 lives
i disconnected and left ciu till the next day i went to ciu again where i left off and found no grayscale on my spacecraft

i think im a true hacker :expressionless:

What a nice evidence, let’s ban this guy!

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Was it the same game? Probably not. Were you hosting it? If you weren’t, how did you get in?
This seems like intended behaviour and not a glitch. Your old server got shut down for inactivity when you disconnected and a new one for the same mission popped up when you came back in. Were you at the same level of the mission, same powerups, weapons, stats, points, etc?

What’s your in-game callsign? Never mind, found you.

Which mission was this and when did you fly it, exactly? Check your recents if you don’t remember.

There is a rare edge case where you can continue a game with 0 lives. However, you won’t actually be able to play it normally, because it will end before the next wave starts. This happens in single-player games only – in hosted multiplayer games, you can just keep on playing with 0 lives (except that your spacecraft should be grayscale, including Strobe Lights)


thank you i like it

i flew this mission named flashy fractionation (i played this multiple times) and marked favorite in afternoon

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