CIU iPad Pro Version?


I am an iPad Pro user, and yes I know CIU is now on the app store for both iPad and iPhone
But look, the version for all Mobile devices is the same
I mean the iPad Pro is a powerful machine then ever, I think it should be in the game settings to increase the Resolution, Textures, Frame rate ( it stuck on 60 even if I increase the FPS), and much more, and also for controlling the game, it’s quite bit hard to play the game with your finger on the big screen, adding a controller gamepad it will help playing the game or a mouse, this will be great.

Andddd thank you all.


Hmmm…interesting idea…but seems impractical at some point.

Too many amazing ideas for an indie developer

That (usually) means that the game uses vertical synchronisation, which it always does for mobile devices. Though I’m not sure what the refresh rate of an iPad is.

Texture resolution is a valid point. Mobile versions have it halved compared to PC version, but the game would explode in size otherwise. Though it would be nice to see the HD versions thing back, I’m afraid it won’t happen, especially after the Google Play incident.

There is a gamepad support. If you have one, you can connect it just fine. Without it your only solution would be to play around the sensitivity and setting the positioning method to “drag”.


iPad Pro = Promotion = 120Hz

In that case it’s either a software bug when the game is not capable of detecting 120 Hz, or iPad can only use 120 in its own system apps, like settings. I recall something like that happening before.


it should be version for High end devices not ipad pro only
CIU mobile Is designed to give best performance on low end devices
CIU on my phone works at 60 fps
( there’s slight drop frames in boss exploisons and it gets heavy with Henterprise explosion ) ( also in multiplayer because my shitty internet )


Same here and if you fill the storage the fps will die

already filled (less than 1gb free)

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Then try to free it up! And the fps will be alright (a man with J7 Prime 2 experience)

My phone is older with weaker hardware
my storage is 16gb with 8gb sd card
I tried to move files to sd card
Still there is less than 1gb (currently sd card free storage is 2.5gb)

if you will reply, reply to me in chatting topic

Then i suggest you back up ur data and reset ur phone to factory default! Or u can use cache cleaner app to clean cached app but reset is a better option.

I don’t know if that works because there’s a ton of app with similarities (means they’re not doing anything at all).

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I have one that do clean cache its an automated version of you go to settings>apps and storage select an app and then click clean cache

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