CIU Idea: More Super bosses

Hello, new recruit here. been a fan since CI3, i have got some new ideas for this game.

we only have 3 super bosses (or final bosses as we call them) Yolk Star, Egg Cannon, And CK-01 Henterprise, so why dont we have more of those, exclusive to CIU. i am not saying this should be in the game. just an idea i got.

CI2 Version of Mother Hen Ship
The Henperor
Duel of Feathers (Darth Maul Chicken)

we already got feather brain and thundercluck


i know, i would like to see more variety of bosses in boss rush tho

also thundercluck and feather brain is really cool and bossa nova and hally’s comet is also cool as well



no one asked


i think we need more bosses like yolk star etc

Feather Brain and Thundercluck absolutely do not fit the role of a superboss/final-tier boss.

I also completely agree that it’d be nice for a few to be added. And in fact, I believe it would be a great way for us to finally get U.C.O. 5. Not as just another variant with a different combination of weapons, but as a newly designed, massive boss. I wanted to suggest it ages ago, but never got around to actually figuring out its armament and patterns.


U.C.O 5 Seems a good idea. but would it be really annoying like UCO 3 & 4, they seem to dip down way too quickly in superstar hero difficulty

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